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Posted by Brusse Ancelina on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 20:58:42

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To support and promote Engage Center, we also utilized our private social group for employees called BDS Insiders. This allows us to extend BDS' unique culture directly to employees on a platform they are already familiar with and share curated exclusive content for the employee community, including interviews with agency experts, shout outs, contests, company news, career opportunities, quick polls, and more.

Insights Center's facility in Denver has 9,000 square feet and includes a commercial test kitchen, computerized CLT lab that seats up to 50 participants and can accommodate up to 12 clients behind the glass, in addition to two over-sized focus suites.

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Insight BDS' consultancy strategy is inspired by a vision of development that considers private entrepreneurship as the main factor in the generation of innovation and wealth, and the state as the indispensable facilitator and catalyst that provides an enabling business environment.

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