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Posted by Boy Adelaide on Monday, 10 February, 2020 20:28:47

WELCOME TO D2L AT NEIU. Northeastern Illinois University offers courses in a number of modes, including; traditional face-to-face classes; hybrid courses (also called blended courses) combine face-to-face sessions and online instruction in a preannounced, regular or reappearing pattern. Hybrid

If you were unable to complete the online training during the training period, you must contact the NEIU Ethics Officer to regain access to the course in Desire2Learn. If you are unable to complete the training, you may be penalized for noncompliance.

TK20 will be integrated with Desire2Learn so that there is an easy and seamless interface between these 2 systems. Creating your course-based assessments on D2L will automatically be inputted and read by TK20 thus, reducing workload for faculty.

EIU's learning management system is currently powered and hosted by Brightspace by D2L. Desire2Learn has shortened its company name to D2L. In July 2014, D2L announced a new name for the learning management system (LMS), "Brightspace by D2L", which D2L now refers to as an integrated learning platform (ILP).

NEIU Foundation Scholarships. The Northeastern Illinois University Foundation annually awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards supported by the generous contributions of University alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Some scholarships are based on financial need.

Northeastern Illinois University does not tolerate sexual assault, which is a specific type of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Northeastern cooperates fully with legal authorities in preventing and prosecuting sexual assault offenses, and imposes strict sanctions against those found responsible for sexual assault.