Django Login Required Mixin

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Django Login Required Mixin

Posted by Brust Andrea on Monday, 10 February, 2020 20:09:27

This mixin is rather simple and is generally the first inherited class in any of our views. If we don't have an authenticated user there's no need to go any further. If you've used Django before you are probably familiar with the login_required decorator. All we are doing here is requiring a user to be authenticated to be able to get to

djangoのauth関連を書くことが多くて、戸惑うことが多い。 Userにログインを促すためには、DjangoではLoginRequiredMixinを使う必要がある。 適当に継承していたら詰まったので残しておく。 ユーザーがindex.htmlにアクセスした時に

ajaxに対応した、ログインチェックをするdjangoのmixinを紹介します。また、それに加えて、スーパーユーザ以外からのアクセスを弾くmixinを紹介します。 「login_requiredのチェック」 -> 「su_required

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Django Tutorial Part 8: User authentication and permissions. Django Tutorial Part 8: User authentication and permissions. the easiest way to restrict access to your functions is to apply the login_required decorator to your view function, as shown below. If the user is logged in then

Django, API, REST, 4 - Authentication and permissions We can add a login view for use with the browsable API, When we interact with the API through the web browser, we can login, and the browser session will then provide the required authentication for the requests.